Year 6

Actividades para reforzar y ampliar lo que hemos trabajado en clase: 

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Clock Games

Interactive Worksheets
Interactive worksheet The hours          Match the times worksheet preview

Subject and Oject Pronouns worksheet preview

Asterix's body parts worksheet preview              BODY PARTS(with video) worksheet preview





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Online Picture Dictionary



like+infinitive (I like to play ...) =preference
like+gerund (I like playing ... =enjoyment

  • Unit 2: "Geographical Wonders"       


  • Unit 3: "Recipes and Food"  

Countable - Uncountable nouns worksheet preview             There is - there are worksheet preview




quantity of the things | GRATUITO ELE hojas de trabajo

  • Unit 4: "Around the City"



The Palm House at Kew Gardens

  • Unit 5: "Ingenious Inventions"

Past Simple_Activities
Past Simple_Negatives

Listen and repeat the verbs

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Verbos Regulares en inglés.

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The past simple – irregular verbs



  • Unit 6: "Helping People"

Interactive worksheet Past Simple


(Irregular Verbs)





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  • Unit 7: "A Camping Tree"

Interactive Worksheets
Comparative and superlative worksheet preview              Superlatives worksheet preview

Comparatives and superlatives worksheet preview              Interactive worksheet Comparatives and Superlatives

Interactive worksheet Comparative and superlative              Interactive worksheet Comparative and superlative

Interactive worksheet Comparisons with Scooby Doo







  1. Verb to be (Present)
  2. Verb have got (Present)
  3. There is_There are (Grammar)
  4. What time is it?
  5. Some/Any
  6. Constructing Questions
  7. Question Words_Exercises
  8. The Weather in Britain
  9. Present Simple_The Time
  10. Prepositions of Place_Exercise 1
  11. Prepositions of Place_Exercise 2
  12. Prepositions of Place_Exercise 3
  13. Prepositions of Place_Exercises
  14. Animals in our world
  15. Food: The salad
  16. The Alphabet
  17. There is_There are
  18. Cardinal Numbers_Worksheet
  19. To be_Book
  20. Have got_Book
  21. Have got and Vocabulary
  22. Cardinal Numbers_Video
  23. Ordinal Numbers_Video
  24. Countries and Nationalities
  25. Countries and Flags
  26. What time is it?
  27. Actions
  28. Prepositions + to be
  29. Nationalities
  30. Time and Daily Routine   
  31. Verb_Tenses
  32. Cardinal/Ordinal Numbers
  33. Some_Any_Exercise-1
  34. Some_Any_Exercise-2
  35. Clothes
  36. Clothes and Accessories
  37. Possessives & Personal Pronouns
  38. Adjectives_Degrees
  39. Personal Questions
  40. There is / There are _Questions
  41. Questions_Short Answers
  42. This_These_That_Those
  43. Demonstratives_Worksheet
  44. Past_Regular Verbs_(-ed)
  45. Verb to be (Past)
  46. To Be in Past Tense
  47. Project: My family and me
  48. Change these sentences (+/-/?)
  49. Question Words
  50. Wh_Questions

Prepositions of place

What time is it?


Reglas sobre la pronunciación de la terminación 'ed' del pasado de los verbos regulares.